Concrete Testing

Concrete Testing helps to ensure that the quality of concrete complies with compulsory regulations and quality control standards.

We deal & distribute all instruments that are needed to assess the quality of concrete.  

Concrete Testing Range

Strength Test

Compression Testing Machine - Analog, Digital, Automatic, Online, Flexure Test.

Consistency & Permeability Test

Concrete Permeability Test, Air Entrainment Meter, Vee-Bee Consistometer, etc.,

Extension & Compression

Extensometer, Longitudinal Compressometer, Lateral Extensometer, etc.,


Needle Vibrator, Vibrating Table, etc

Cube Moulds

Cube Moulds of 150mm, 100mm, 70.6mm - ISI /Non - ISI, Plastic Moulds, Cylindrical Moulds, etc.,

Other Major Equipment

J-Ring apparatus, Slump Cone, O-funnel, Point Load Index, Concrete Thermometer, Concrete penetrometer, etc.,