Our Products

Survey Instruments

We Offer Wide range of instruments used in the field of survey starting from chain survey, Levels, Theodolite, Total Station, GPS to advanced LIDAR Scanners.

Soil Testing Instruments

We deal with each and every equipment related to soil testing both in-situ and laboratory. Our Range includes simple setup to most advanced high tech instruments.

Cement Testing Instrument

Our Cement Testing range covers almost all instruments that are available in the market for testing of various cement properties at laboratory.

Aggregate Testing Instruments

We also offer vast range of instruments used to evaluate the aggregates used in construction materials. Find out more on aggregate testing range.

Concrete Testing Instruments

For the testing and evaluation of concrete materials, we supply both field and laboratory instruments of very high durability and quality as tough as concrete.

Asphalt Testing Instruments

For the Evaluation of Asphalt and Bitumen range of products, we supply all instruments in this range for your quality assurance and research puposes.

Structural Systems

For Specialized structural testing, we offer custom built structural test systems to suit the client needs.

Non Destructive Test Instruments

We supply wide range of industry standard instruments for Non-Destructive evaluation purposes.

Geotechnical Instruments

Our Geo-technical range covers most of the instruments used for measuring and monitoring the soil and sub-structures.

Geotextile Testing Instruments

We do offer complete range of instruments and accessories available for testing of Geo-Textiles

Strucutral Health Monitoring

Contact us for wide range of instruments & our services for damage detection and assessment strategy for monitoring critical structures. 

Other Sensors

Looking for any other sensors apart form the application listed here, check out our other sensors or drop us a line.